Yella Beezy is very fortunate to have escaped an unsuccessful attempt at his life two Sundays ago. The Texan, best known for the hit record "That's on Me," is in stable condition after surviving a drive-by-shooting in Lewisville, Texas, where he remains hospitalized yet visibly in contact with fans via social media. His stay limited him to a simulcast performance of "That's on Me" via satellite, broadcast live to a television audience witnessing the BET Awards for the very first time, after their belated taping results.

Since then, Beezy has been keeping fans abreast with his greatly improving condition. Just over 15 hours ago, he even uploaded graphic images of the Mercedes G-Wagon he was piloting during the attack. Beneath the multi-image posting (swipe left to right), Beezy included a message of gratitude, crediting God with showing him mercy against all odds. "They shot the car up i crashed it , lost control .... God is good ain’t he man," he captioned beneath the photo upload.

As you can see above, the car wasn't just hit with discrepant firepower. The front windshield is pockmarked, with a hole lodged right down the middle of the front seating arrangement. The windshields on the side of the vehicle have been blown to bits, and front bumper upended, likely due to an offensive maneuver from the incoming vehicle.