Bill and Melinda Gates officially announced that they were getting a divorce at the beginning of this week and people are already lining up to vy for their love. We recently reported on the Clermont Twins hoping to get lucky with Bill Gates, inviting him into a throuple. Now, it seems like Melinda Gates is also getting tons of attention with rappers hitting her up in the DMs.

After spending nearly three decades married to the same partner, Bill and Melinda likely won't rush into a new relationship in the same week that they announce their divorce. However, you know what they say... the early bird gets the worm. Dallas rapper Yella Beezy used that adage to shoot his shot at Melinda.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

"She need to have my baby," he commented on a post from The Shade Room about Bill giving his soon-to-be ex-wife $2 billion in stocks on the same day they filed for divorce. Clearly, they've been thinking about divorce for a while, working on the allocation of their split funds.

Yella Beezy already has two children. Do you think Melinda Gates could potentially move on from her billionaire husband by having a kid with Yella Beezy? We definitely wouldn't have expected that twist when the year started.