Joe Budden's name seems to attract drama, whether or not he's actually looking for it. The rapper, and, more recently, podcast host, was embroiled in a confrontation IRL last night during a BET Awards interview with Migos, and today, he found himself involved in another situation, this one dwelling in virtual reality. 

Today on the internets, a twitter user asked for personality YesJulz' take on Joe Budden-- seemingly an innocent question, YesJulz delivered a healthy serving of shade in reply, by asking "Who." From there, Budden's boo, Cyn Santana, stepped into the twittersphere, calling out Julz for her lack of love, to which Julz replied by calling Budden a "bum" (a "funny bum"). Joe Budden stepped in a short time later, telling Julz to relax, and implying she had some plastic surgery. 

Take a look at the messy tweets that went back and forth below.