Last night it was Funk Flex. Today's tears are brought to you by the social media personality and professed hip-hop tastemaker known as YesJulz.

Julz got herself "cancelled" last night when she posted a picture of a controversial T-shirt on Twitter. " I allowed to wear this at the festival tomorrow or nah?" she wrote. The shirt in question: A crop top that reads "Niggas lie a lot." 

Being a white woman -- especially one who profits from black culture, Juelz was immediately condemned for joking about wearing a shirt with a racial slur written on it. The tweet was quickly deleted, though not quickly enough to beat the screenshots. 

Soon after seeing the scandal she'd created, Julz attempted to explain her deleted tweet, writing, "Guys, I was calling out some1 who suggested I wear this t-shirt he made. I clearly wouldn't wear it." 

Julz was soon relieved of her hosting duties at two upcoming events in Toronto, the uTOpia Music Fest and the Women Inspiring Passion and Purpose (WIPP) summit. 

Earlier this afternoon, feeling far more remorseful, Julz decided to broadcast a tearful video apology via Snapchat.