YFN Lucci has been in the headlines a lot these past few days for his on-going feud with Young Thug and his alleged relationship with Thugger’s girlfriend Jerrika Karlae, but today we’re switching things up and showing you a hilarious video that’s been circulating online of Lucci leaving Trey Songz to dry. It happened on Sunday at 50 Cent’s Tycoon party when Lucci & Trey were linking up or so that’s what Trigga thought.

The viral clip shows Trey Songz holding his hand up about to greet & dap the ATL rapper, but instead Lucci looked straight pass him and dapped up another man standing next to the singer, making it a very awkward moment for Trigga who tried (and did) play it off cool. The security guard behind the two rappers did however catch the awkward moment and had the perfect reaction to it being filmed (see below). 

We’ve yet to get a response from either YFN or Trigger to hear what really went down but we’ve all been there and there should be no shame on Trigga’s part. In fact, Lucci should maybe apologize to the homie for making him a part of this hilarious, viral moment.