YG is fresh off the release of his third studio album, Stay Dangerous. In comparison to My Krazy Life and Still Brazy, it was his most commercially appealing project to date, specifically the single, "Big Bank." The posse cut, which also features Nicki Minaj, Big Sean and 2 Chainz, served as an anthem for the summer, whether you liked it or not. It was nearly inescapable. YG recently linked up with the good folks at Billboard for the latest episode of "How It Went Down."

YG explained that "Big Bank" was his attempt at returning to the sound of "2011 just re'd up YG and Mustard." The rapper was locked in the studio with both DJ Mustard and his homie Nano when they began to discuss the song. 

"I told Mustard I wanted to sound like the old us, the old YG and Mustard. 2011, just re'd up YG and Mustard,” he said. “Heavy 808s… little friendly sounds and shit… [Mustard] was making a beat, and he was about to pass up the beat. I'm like, ‘No, that's the beat. That shit fire right there.’”

After Nano suggested the title of "Big Bank" to YG, he was sold but he felt the song needed some major features on it. 2 Chainz was the first artist they wanted on it. The decision to add Big Sean to the track was made after YG felt someone lyrical should hop on it. However, DJ Mustard was the one who came through clutch with the Nicki Minaj feature only a week before it was supposed to drop.

"DJ hit me like, ‘I got a surprise for you, bro...I sent it to Nicki. She hopped on it.’" He explained, "he sent it to me, and I'm like, yeah, this shit fire.”

Watch the full clip below of how his 2018 summer anthem came about.