It's a better time than ever to release new music. Artists have all ears these days, seeing as the coronavirus pandemic has everyone stuck inside of the house and streaming music and movies at high rates. This week, we'll be getting some brand new heat from YG. The rapper recently teased a brand new track the other day while asking fans who they would want to see on the track. 

Ser Baffo/Getty Images 

Today, the rapper announced that he has another single that's actually on the way titled, "Laugh Now Kry Later." Taking to Instagram, he shared the cover art for the track featuring the rapper hanging out of the Lamborghini on the freeway. The song is set to drop tomorrow night at 9 p.m. PST/ Friday 12 a.m. EST. The rapper later previewed the single on Instagram.

"Feel like I'm always going through storm/ I got beef with mother nature/ Gon' have a little fun, gone do it major," he raps on the hook. "Aye, put ya baby mama in a Bentayga/ Ass out, make the athletes wanna date her/ Fuck it, 'bout to cop a condo in a skyscraper/ I'm tryna live right now, you tryna live later."

This will mark his first single since collaborating with Kehlani on their Valentine's Day record, "Konclusions." Check the album art and preview below.