On Friday, YG dropped off his new album Stay Dangerous, and has been hitting the press tour ever since. Today, the Young Gangsta hit up Beats 1 for a meeting of the minds with Zane Lowe. Ever curious, Lowe proceeded to inquire about the project's title, prompting an interesting response from YG.

As is often the case, it all comes back to geographical vernacular. "That's really like the word you know what I’m saying comes from the streets LA. That's just how we talk. That's a part of the lingo," he reveals. "When you watch your friends and you like depart from your friends, you tell them like alright bro Imma see you later. Be safe. We don’t say that we say 'stay dangerous' because being safe is like you playing defense...  It’s like, no we dangerous. We we plant we we play offense."

He also opens up about collaborating with A$AP Rocky, who came through for a verse on single "Hand Gun." Or as the censored version is hilariously named, "Band Drum."  When it comes to the Testing rapper, it's always been love. "Rocky been reaching out to me since I first came out with the first album," reveals YG. "He’s a real dude. He’s always going to tell you whatever. Like he called me be like Man I just seen this picture man on the Gram. You look fly bro. You are fly you feel me. Don't let nobody tell you anything else."

Peep the full interview below, and don't forget to peep that Stay Dangerous project if you haven't already.