DJ Mustard has certainly established himself as a hitmaker this year, but unfortunately it comes as a price. As much as DJ Mustard's sound has penetrated the charts, it's being replicated at a high rate. Iggy Azalea's "Fancy"-- a song bigger than anything Mustard has produced thus far --is one of the most blatant takes on the sound, and the DJ's creative partner YG had a few words to share regarding the similarities in a recent freestyle.

"And DJ Mustard, that nigga producers they jocking/ “Fancy,” don’t it sound like he produced that shit?”, rapped the Bompton emcee in a "0 To 100" freestyle for Tim Westwood, taking aim not only at the song's beatmakers-- The Arcade and The Invisible Men --but imitators in general.

To be fair, the sound Mustard is known for is derived from both the classic Bay Area style, and Atlanta's snap movement. It's impossible to gauge whether or not "fancy" is a direct lift, or simply pulling from the same sources. Either way, it's safe to say Mustard will continue to have a considerable amount of influence on both pop and hip hop for some time.

Watch the freestyle below (line comes at 0:58).