YG dropped of Stay Dangerous last August, an album that came and went with barely any impact. But it looks like he has different plans with his forthcoming effort, 4REAL 4REAL. The rapper revealed in early April that he was going to release it as a surprise drop but in wake of Nipsey Hussle's death, he pushed the project's release back by about a month.

Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images

With a May 3rd release date previously announced, fans eagerly waited until midnight (or 9 p.m. for the West Coasters) for his latest album to drop. Unfortunately, the day came and went with no sign of the project nor an update from YG himself. Instead, he released the single, "Go Loko" ft. Tyga and Jon Z which followed his 6ix9ine diss track, "Stop Snitching." Karen Civil, who works very closely with YG, said the project's new release date is May 24th. Now, the rapper has confirmed the release date and also teased that the project that follows 4REAL 4REAL could be his last on Def Jam.

"After this album drop May 24th, I got 1 more album left, Finally bout to be a new man! The Marathon," he announced.


Many believed that he meant he has "one more album left" before retiring while other suggested that it just means he'll own his masters after getting out of his deal, the same way Nipsey had his.