Like Austin Powers at the blackjack table, YG also likes to live dangerously. Though the waters are said to be shark infested, YG fears neither man, element, nor any of God's creatures. During a seafaring jaunt in Cabo San Lucas, the Stay Dangerous rapper appeared to be living his best life. With first mate Mustard on camera duties, YG took the time to channel his inner Daredevil. With no fear for the water's icy maw, YG boldly positioned himself for a lofty jump; a back flip no less.

"You gotta see how deep this is," says YG, pointing to the depths. He also managed to throw in an appropriate and applicable bit of album promo, shouting "stay dangerous n***a!" He proceeds to leap like a man possessed, prompting incredulous laughter from the crew in attendance. "God damn! That n***a crazy," proclaims Mustard. "He's a fuckin' fool!"

Thankfully, YG emerged unscathed; evidently, sharks don't always smell bloods in the water. Peep YG's daring bout of athleticism below, and stay tuned for his upcoming album, which is set to drop this summer. It's good to see the rapper living his best life, and it stands to reason that few would dare follow in his footsteps.