YG, the author "Big Bank" on the Madden 19 Soundtrack is gassed that his song has been censored following word his song had secured approval. The lyric in question that was bleeped out appeared on the final verse of the song, rapped by Big Sean in which he made referenced to quarterback/political martyr Colin Kaepernick. Again, the two bars go a little something like this:

"Feed me to the wolves, now I lead the pack and shit
You boys all cap, I'm more Colin Kaepernick"

TMZ has learned that YG is demanding answers for the censorship, from those responsible at EA Sports. The decision to rinse Kaepernick not only oversteps the bounds of their contractual agreement, but passes off like a complete blindside for YG and his team. At this point, YG is unsure who place the blame over, EA Sports, NFL, or NFLPA, but rest assured he wants the song to return to its deconstructed state.

The source who spoke with TMZ confirmed that YG isn't only lobbying for artistic freedom, but rallying behind Colin Kaepernick's cause. The out-of-work quarterback got in on the act as well, reaffirming his stance via Twitter, and reposting a Bleacher Report thumbnail sounding off in support of Kaepernick's work stoppage. Even the most liberal models of media have expressed outrage over the handling of this two-year boycott.