For whatever reason, June is shaping up to be an absolutely massive month in hip-hop music, with releases from Kanye West, Kanye & Cudi, Nas, and Drake slated to drop. Last night, fans were briefly treated to the idea that YG's Stay Dangerous would be joining the already stacked June roster, after the countdown on his website falsely advertised the release date as June 22nd. While plenty were left excited about the news, their bubbles were quickly burst by YG himself, who seemed more than a little irate by the gaffe.

It didn't take long for him to tweet out "JUNE 22ND AINT MY REAL FUCKING ALBUM DATE," followed by "ON BLOODS IM HOTT. I WANNA GO SHOOT SOME SHIT." He even went so far as to add in "SOMEBODY TELL 50 CENT GET THE STRAP." Interestingly enough, a thread on R/hiphopheads seems to allude to an earlier tweet, in which YG apprently wrote "LABEL ALWAYS FUCKING UP MY SHIT." While the Tweet seems to have been deleted, a label screw-up would almost certainly explain YG's incensed temper. 

Either way, Stay Dangerous is currently on the slate for a more general "Summer 2018." With that being said, you can still pre-order the project here, in CD or Vinyl format. Ya'll checking for some new YG?