With Bobby Shmurda officially free following a six-year prison stint, many have been quickly moving to connect with the rapper one way or another. With Quavo having already connected with Shmurda following the rapper's release, YG recently took to Instagram to applaud the rapper's character, specifically focusing on Shmurda's discipline and handling of his incarceration -- not to mention the positive vibes he's been experiencing since touching down back home. 

YG Bobby Shmurda

 Leon Bennett/Getty Images

As anti-snitch sentiments continue to heat up, many rappers still admire those who serve their time without cooperating with the police. YG made sure to praise Shmurda for exactly that, tagging him in an Instagram story with some flattering words. "Bobby Shmurda how it pose to look when you kome home from jail," writes YG. "Real n***a celebration. Thats how it pose to look." 

Clearly, YG values the idea that a man can keep his integrity for the duration of an extended prison stint, and bounce back with a positive attitude and unfaltering ambition. As it stands, he's not the only rapper to be singing Shmurda's praises, nor will he be the last. It should certainly be interesting to see how many prominent names slide through to bless the inevitable Bobby Shmurda mixtape, as that will likely be arriving in the near future. Check out YG's message below, and sound off if you admire how Bobby is bouncing back so far.