If you go to a YG show, you better make sure you're singing along to "FDT" because he's got eyes on you. At a few of his concerts, he's called out fans that he presumes are Donald Trump supporters. As you know, YG has been one of the most vocal musical forces against the current President, dissing him in his lyrics and finding every chance he can to bash him. "FDT" has become an anthem for anybody that stands against Donald Trump, giving people an outlet to curse out the President whenever they want. When one concertgoer was tight-lipped during his performance of the song, YG decided to call them out at a recent show, passing the microphone to her so that she could assert her hatred of Trump.

It's been happening a lot recently where YG singles out one person in the crowd, asking them if they voted for Trump after spotting them not singing along to "FDT." He gave the girl a chance to redeem herself though, passing the mic to her and allowing her to let out her loudest "Fuck Donald Trump!" It wasn't enough for the Compton rapper though. She followed up by saying that she loves the "Big Bank" artist, which was followed by boos from the crowd. Finally, she bested her original "FDT" chant, which was finally enough to please YG.

You've been warned. If you're at the YG show, sing along to "FDT." If not, you might get called out.