It's safe to say that YG is a believer. All it took was a little conversion from magician Tammer, who bedazzled the Stay Dangerous rapper at his recent listening party.

Upon hearing the magician's request for a heat source, YG can't help but laugh. "This n***a crazy," he chuckles, watching the scene unfold; despite his perceived reticence, it's clear that the routine has awakened his childlike sense of wonderment. After a moment, the card in question bursts into flame, revealing none other than YG's previously selected King Of Diamonds. Upon witnessing the reveal, YG seems impressed, despite half-heartedly dubbing Tammer a con-man of sorts. "This shit fake as fuck. You're a lyin' ass motherfucker," he laughs, though his tone suggests otherwise. 

His skepticism doesn't stop him from sticking around for another go. Upon watching the elaborate second illusion transpire, YG ultimately finds himself swayed by Tammer's proficiency. Both he and his entourage are notably impressed, and it stands to reason that Young Gangsta walked away from the exchange with a newfound respect for the magicians of Southern California.

Peep the visuals below, and sound off. Magicians remain unsung heroes of sorts, continuously putting in the work to astound and astonish our skeptical asses; yet where are their parades?