TMZ caught up YG in the wake of his STAY DANGEROUS album and the ensuing drama with his "Big Bank" being edited without his consent. YG told the reporter he even received a personal apology from EA Sports CEO Andrew Wilson who promised Colin Kaepernick's name would return to the Madden 19 Soundtrack come Monday when business hours resume. 

YG seemed to appreciate the gesture, but considers the reconciliation well overdue, and the damage done to some degree. As you may recall, YG's "Big Bank" single was included in the Madden 19 Soundtrack with a line praising Colin Kaepernick's moral rectitude: "You boys all cap, I'm more Colin Kaepernick." The lyric was sung by Big Sean who himself spoke out in defiance of the simple act of censorship.

While YG has decide not to boycott the game itself, the Compton-rapper will continue to stand behind Colin Kaepernick. "I'm not boycotting Madden, on Bloods!" stated YG when asked if he would backpedal. When it comes to Football on this major consoles, NFL fans have little recourse but to support the Madden franchise, unless they want to divest completely. The NCAA system is fraught by similar issues pertaining to compensation and respectability politics, so help me God.