YG just dropped of Stay Dangerous this past week, but the Compton rapper is ready to get back into the studio to create some more bangers. YG brought Oakland sensation Kamaiyah along with him, and stopped by Hoodrich Radio with DJ Scream to discuss a number of topics. At the end of the interview, YG reveals that his plan is to get back in the studio with DJ Mustard as soon as possible. 

"The rest of 2018, paint the picture for us man," began DJ Scream. "What can we expect, album, tour, then how we 'gon roll from there?" he asked. "I'ma tour a little bit," explains YG. "Man, I'm tryna go straight back in the studio. I took a lot of time off, not off. We was working, we was recording the whole time. We was like, me and Mustard was tryna get back the time that we lost, we was tryna get it back. Get the chemistry back, like what we doing, the vision, how it's supposed to sound, how shit supposed to look. We had to get that all back right. I feel like we here, so now it's time to capitalize off the hard work and everything we built. I'ma go straight back into the studio, then I'ma go tour a little bit, and then top of the year, I'ma do my real big tour." We can't wait. Check out the interview below (skip to 13:11 for the segment about getting back into the studio)