He may beef with others on the internet and rap about his gang affiliations, but when it comes to his daughter, YG is a gentle giant. The rapper often speaks about his daughter, Harmony, who just turned four earlier this year. He's mentioned fatherhood in his lyrics on tracks like "Deeper Than Rap" and "Suu Whoop," always noting that he's a hands-on, attentive dad even though he's out on the road making money.

"I’m doing the right sh*t, but I’m gone, though," he told Vulture. "I’m around her, but I be gone a lot. But she lives with me. So I make sure I go the extra mile. I do the extra sh*t, a lot of times, just to make sure my daughter...she knows who daddy is, she knows what’s up." YG was able to take some time off for some daddy-daughter time and it looks as if he took little Harmony to an amusement park. The rapper shared a clip on Instagram that showed himself and his daughter enjoying some fun times on a roller coaster, an event that made for a laugh-worthy video.

All seemed well for Harmony as the ride was getting off to a slow start, but once the speed picked up, she let out a long, excited, high-pitched squeal. There's something about kids screaming on roller coasters that's just a tad funny, and YG himself couldn't help but film his baby girl as he laughed at her expense. As scared as she looked, when things slowed down she had a smile on her face and assured her dad that she wasn't afraid. Too cute.