This weekend, we graciously accepted the meme of the summer as Jay-Z looked absolutely miserable while riding a jet-ski with a helmet. We're all for safety but the fact he was wearing head protection when Beyoncé went helmetless made the situation even funnier. Social media has been full of memes roasting Hov for his expression on the boat and they keep coming in. 50 Cent, for one, can't seem to stop picturing Jay's depressed facial expression. YG was on the same tip recently, making the most of his summer and beating the extreme heat across the country by taking a ride on his jet-ski. However, YG looked like he was having a great time and much like Bey, he was not wearing a helmet.

Perhaps he meant to subliminally show Jay-Z how you're supposed to look when out in the water? We'd like to think so. Even if his nautical adventures were completely unrelated, the 4Hunnid rapper was absolutely tearing up the ocean, drifting around as he navigated the vehicle in circles. Making some gnarly waves, YG looked to be having a fun time as the date of his upcoming Stay Dangerous nears.

If you've been lodged under a rock and you're just getting out, you can check out some of the greatest Jay-Z jet-ski memes here. Stay Dangerous is out on August 3.