In the wake of Stay Dangerous, YG has hit up The Breakfast Club for a conversation with the iconic trifecta. Though the conversation runs smoothly for an approximated twenty-seven minutes, eventually, the notorious 6ix9ine rears his rainbow head. 

"Man why ya'll wanna talk about the 6ix9ine n***a," says YG, a sly smirk on his face. "The lil n***a was playing with too much of the real shit." Charlamagne proceeds to show YG some recent shade 6ix9ine threw at YG's "Big Bank," prompting a look of mild annoyance from the Young Gangsta. "He somewhere hiding though," says YG, before admitting "he don't like all that shit." Clearly, YG doesn't want his name to be mentioned in  6ix9ine's Instagram antics. YG proceeds to wax poetic on the merits of staying real, claiming he'll put it all on the line in the name of preserving his honor. 

When Yee suggests that it's occasionally better to turn the other cheek, YG claps back. "Here at The Breakfast Club ya'll like to turn situations up," he says. "Ya'll not slick, ya'll know ya'll not slick," laughs YG. He proceeds to label Charlamagne a "mad scientist with a microphone," prompting universal guffaws across the table. Eventually conversation shifts to the recent Madden controversy, where a case of misguided censorship led to a widespread panic. 

Peep the whole interview below.