2018 has kicked into overdrive, at least where album announcements are concerned. We already know that YG's Stay Dangerous would be dropping at some point, but the West Coast rapper has kept the release date under wraps. Granted, we did get some increased activity from the My Krazy Life emcee, in the form of new single "Suu Whoop." On a non-musical tip, YG also found himself embroiled in a strange beef with Tekashi 6ix9ine, which has largely fizzled. Now, however, YG seems to be intent on returning to the fold. The Compton rapper has taken to Instagram to share what may very well be an album release date. 

Granted, the countdown might also be leading to something unrelated. Still, the fact that album title Stay Dangerous is so prevalent seems to suggest something album related. As of today, the countdown reads eight days, three hours, and forty three minutes; that would mean YG's new project is set to drop on May 1st, a deviation from the usual Friday release schedule. Either way, it seems likely that YG will be dropping something in the imminent future, even if the post is merely a video of a countdown. If the message is to be understood, the countdown may be officially launching at 4 PM Pacific time.

Check out the clip below, and sound off with your speculation. Is YG counting down to a release date? Or is something else more likely?