Oh, Saweetie. Perhaps when you're in that tax bracket it makes more sense but still, Saweetie set the Internet ablaze after telling her followers that they need a man that provides them with financial power, be it through a Birkin bag or holding down the rent. Mind you, she's dating Quavo so they're living life in a whole other tax bracket than the rest of the world. Plus, we're in a pandemic, but I digress.

Several individuals popped out to chime in on the drama. Fans were divided while male artists were, too. YK Osiris hit the 'Gram where he agreed with Saweetie's statement. "These mans in heated. These women are havin' standards for themselves now," he said. "They ain't givin' they pussy up for free no more."

The artist continued to explain his stance on the matter, adding that women are "queens" and deserve the world, and a Birkin. However, he did suggest that the woman would have to be bossed up first before he scooped her a bag. He then broke down the reality of the situation for all the fellas out there.

"Y'all think these women want hard dick and some good sex. Listen, man. It's all good but eventually, they gon' want their bills paid and they gon' want something out of it. If you ain't gon' do it, somebody else gon' do it," he said.

Meanwhile, Safaree seemingly laid down a no-Birkin-before-marriage rule. "Birkins are for serious relationships. Not a talk to me give me attention we only went on 5 dates Gift. Put that work in and you get a Birkin!! Put no work In ya ass going to Burlington," he said. It's unclear if he means Burlington, Ontario but I wouldn't advise anyone to go there get a Birkin.