YNW Melly Asks For Pardon In The "Mama Cry" Music Video

Devin Ch
February 16, 2019 09:28

YNW Melly connects with Ma Dukes for his latest music video.

The "Mama Cry" music video begins right when the dread begins to set in. As you've likely heard, YNW Melly and his accomplice YNW Bortlen have been accused of orchestrating the drive-by killing of two of their constituents. But even under those extenuating circumstances, and perhaps more so than ever, the YNW camp is ramping up the content.

Melly, wearing a sweater to commemorate his breakout hit "Mixed Personalities," enters a courthouse after bidding his sweetheart goodbye. The video only gets more gripping from there on out. A woman, supposing the role of his mother, can be seen clutching his grade school studio portraits, during which time we're given flashback access to moments from the maligned rapper's past - all in the name of regret and bittersweet repose meant for his mother's ears.

Just yesterday, YNW Melly learned that his fate rested on the shoulders of a good alibi defense after the judge presiding over his murder charges ruled him and YNW Bortlen ineligible for bond. The 19-year old sensation is up to his ears in emotional debt, mainly towards his mother: the nucleus of many a good Samaritan.

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