This weekend, a death hoax involving Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith had fans worried about the safety of both actors. Then, the real and tragic passing of Juice WRLD impacted the hip-hop community in the most unfortunate of ways. We're still trying to uncover exactly what happened to the 21-year-old rapper after his autopsy didn't determine his official cause of death. Some rap fans were shocked to see new reports that incarcerated artist YNW Melly was fatally stabbed but, thankfully, his mother has cleared up the rumors in a swift manner and confirmed that her son is very much still alive.

YNW Melly is currently awaiting his trial in a double murder case. Gossip websites started reporting that he had been killed after a stabbing in prison but it turns out that those stories are not true. The rapper's mother took to social media to explain what really happened.

"Melly is fine, I just talked to him this morning," she says in a video. "He has not been injured whatsoever. He's fine. He's in great spirits and he'll be home soon."

The final statement about her son returning to his Florida home is striking, especially since there appears to be a good case against YNW Melly. We will continue to keep you updated on his upcoming trial but, thankfully, the star is very much still alive.