Ever since early last year, YNW Melly and his friend YNW Bortlen, real names Jamell Demons and Cortlen Malik Henry, have been in jail on double murder charges. The two rappers allegedly killed their friends before bringing them to the emergency room and claiming that they were targeted in a drive-by shooting. That much has not been proven yet as we await their trials to begin. On Wednesday morning, both men were present for a court hearing and more insight was offered on the status of their case.

According to sources inside the courtroom, there is not much of an update regarding YNW Melly's freedom but his associate may be heading home soon. 

"The proof against Mr. Henry isn’t that strong. My client is not guilty, period," said YNW Bortlen's attorney ahead of Wednesday's hearing.

Melly and Bortlen were quietly interacting with their family and friends, who were at the hearing. Melly's mother, younger brother, grandfather, and friends were all in attendance, rocking iced-out YNW chains. The 20-year-old was reportedly happy throughout, smiling at his loved ones.

YNW Melly double murder
Broward's Sheriff's Office via Getty Images

His mother was also warned to be more vigilant about what she posts online and says to reporters, noting that her past interactions could potentially have been costly. "They are watching you like a hawk," said lead attorney Stuart Adelstein to Melly's mom.

YNW Melly previously teased his own jail release by sharing Friday's date on his social pages without much explanation. It turns out that he was simply promoting the release of his "Suicidal" remix with Juice WRLD.

We will keep you updated on all potential happenings in the case.