Just days ago, YNW Melly's mother suggested that her son would have already been out of prison, but he's been stuck behind bars because of the COVID-19 quarantine. Less than an hour ago, an update about the rapper's progress was shared to his Instagram page that revealed while behind bars, YNW Melly was diagnosed with COVID-19.

"Melly has tested positive for COVID-19 today while awaiting his trial in Broward County Jail," an Instagram caption of the rapper with his family reads. "He’ll be filing a motion for restricted release in hopes of better care due to any jails not being prepared to treat this new virus. He hopes for your support and to recover soon #prayformelly send positive energy to him please."

YNW Melly was arrested last year after investigators claimed he and his accomplice were involved in the double homicide of two of their friends. Evidentiary details of Melly's connection have been kept under wraps, but his former attorney reportedly stated that the rapper would surely be released due to weak evidence. We'll have to wait and see if a judge will rule on Melly's release following his reported COVID-19 diagnosis. Check out the post below.