Just yesterday, an unannounced YNW Melly song started making the rounds on Reddit leading many to speculate over its authenticity. The track was uploaded to SoundCloud by its producer Foreign Teck but has since been taken down as per YNW Melly's request one would assume. 

As it turns out, Foreign Teck is hoping to build his buzz in the manner Metro Boomin and others have gone about their business, by commissioning songs under his own name. Opportunism is highly prevalent to anyone working with YWN Melly at the current moment.

As of this writing, YNW Melly's reps are keeping mum with regards to "Bompetition," the song in question. No one seems to know whether Foreign Teck or Melly has any intention of re-publishing the song at a later time. 

For copyright reasons, I'll allow you the honor of digging up the bootleg version at your own discretion. Melly does dredge on the negative in his verse, which could explain the decision to pull the plug. "YNW the best, bitch/We ain't worried about no bompetition n***a," Melly raps on the song. "If you say you really wit it n***a we gon' pull up with that extension n***a/If you say wit it then you down to catch a body, go head 'cause you wit us n***a!" What do you make of the situation?