We're all waiting to find out how the YNW Melly saga continues -- will he be sentenced to death in his double murder case or will he be set free? -- but for now, the only news about the young Florida rapper pertains to the success of one of his hit songs. When he was arrested for the murders of his two friends YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy, Melly was in the process of building a pretty impressive career for himself. Weeks prior, he had collaborated with Kanye West for the first time, releasing his new album and earning himself another hit song with "Mixed Personalities." His original smash "Murder On My Mind" is still earning tons of airplay with streaming numbers rising each day. As reported by XXL, the song is officially considered double-platinum, with the status being confirmed by the RIAA last week.

After finding out that he could be sentenced to the death penalty, the rapper finally has a reason to smile. His song has officially gone double platinum and much like in the photos shared online a few weeks ago, Melly's probably rocking a goofy smile because of it.

What's your take on his music after he was accused of double murder? Are you still bumping his most popular songs or is he completely off-limits on your playlist? Learn more about his charges here.

Image via XXL