YNW Melly might become the biggest "what if?" in hip-hop. The rapper's popularity has grown exponentially over the past few weeks after he was charged with first-degree murder. After his arrest, the Internet began to speculate that his single, "Murder On My Mind" was a confession of the crimes he's being accused of. The theory was debunked after someone pointed out that the timeline of the song and the crime didn't match up. The song's still gaining a lot of traction while he's behind bars. Most recently, the song hit number one on Billboard's On-Demand Streaming Songs chart, marking the rapper's first chart-topper.

YNW Melly's "Murder On My Mind" is making waves while the rapper sits inside of a cell. The rapper's track reached 35.8M total streams in the week ending on March 14th. The track jumped to number one on the On-Demand Streaming Songs chart while leaping from 3-2 on the Streaming Songs chart. The rapper's on-demand audio streams (20,7) launched the song to the top while the previous chart leader, Jonas Brothers' "Sucker" drops to number 2.

Not only is the song his first number one but it's also his first entry on the chart.

Earlier this month, YNW Melly pleaded not guilty to the two counts of first-degree murder. Police charged the rapper after claiming that he was the one who shot his two friends and then tried to cover it up.