Many of us would probably hide under a rock if someone tried to show us a pic of how we were dressing 15 years ago. However, rapper Yo Gotti is quite proud of his style transformation since 2005 and had no problem sharing his impressive progression for throwback Thursday yesterday. 

Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage/Getty

The photo he shared via Instagram took us back to the 2005 BET Awards red carpet (seen above), which saw Gotti rocking a pair of fresh shell toe adidas Superstars with the matching adidas Tracksuit jacket, extremely baggy jeans, a XXXL tee and a red headband to complete his look that was topped off with ice around his neck. Jump forward to today, you'd be hard pressed to spot Yo Gotti rocking anything less than a two-piece suit paired with a turtleneck or anything that actually fits his body and shows he knows how to dress as the 38-year-old grown man that he is. Just like his caption states, you gotta start somewhere. We absolutely agree, Gotti!

Take a look at his post below, and let us know what you think of Yo Gotti's style transformation over the years: