It feels as if we're in the middle of a Keanu Reeves renaissance, with more and more people voicing their undying support for the Canadian actor. Between Logic naming a song after him, Toy Story 4 casting him, CD Projekt RED's anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 featuring him in a prominent role, and the success of the John Wick franchises' climactic chapter, Reeves mania has never been bigger. Now, with the third installment of the cult classic Bill & Ted series on the way, a newfound collector's item will arrive to commemorate the occasion. 

Cubicall, a custom phone booth manufacturer, has announced their official line of Bill & Ted themed phone booths, inspired by the design of those seen in the iconic film. While effective as a decoration, the phones will be fully functional, having been “retrofitted for VOIP/landline service," according to a report from Hypebeast. And while they will feature a pair of USB chargers, alas, the ability to master time travel remains just out of reach. 

“As life-long fans of the movies, we’re really excited to bring this piece of movie history to life in time for Bill and Ted 3,” explains  Cubicall co-founder Anthony Pucci. “Not only will the booth feature the same great benefits of Cubicall phone booths, but we have some fun throwbacks planned like a retro-fitted pay phone.” Should you be interested in dropping bills on the unique collector's item, be sure to check out the link right here