Young Buck and 50 Cent used to be cool. Over the years, the G-Unit teammates witnessed their relationship go downhill to a point where things are now irreversible. We will likely never see a full G-Unit reunion because Buck and Fif just can't see eye-to-eye. 

For years, Young Buck has been trying to get out of his contract with 50 Cent and G-Unit Records, going public with his issues. Earlier this week, it was reported that he had filed for bankruptcy in an attempt to sliver his way out of the deal. Now that he's officially out of jail after a 4-month stint, he's back addressing this dramatic situation.

Buck hopped on Instagram Live with DJ Paul to discuss his return.

"I went in that motherfucker and got my mind right, so I was able to walk up out that motherfucker not just free from that bullshit, but free from not being able to work," said Buck before dragging his former friend. "Now I can get to work, you get what I'm saying? That's all I ever wanted to do in regards to whatever, dealing with the contract and shit with dude over there."

Of course, "dude over there" is 50 Cent.

"I know I don't owe n***a but even me at a point in time, Paul, I got to a place where I was like, you know what, I just want to get to work. Fuck it, I'll pay him," continued Buck, claiming to have offered him two installments of $150,000 to pay off his debt. I don't owe Interscope or G-Unit a quarter."

What do you think Fiddy will have to say about this?