Young Buck Continues To Hold It Down With "Boom"

Young Buck kicks emotional street truths on "Boom."

When G-Unit's 2003 classic Beg For Mercy first dropped, Cashville's Young Buck was the newcomer to the group. Now, fifteen years later, Buck has withstood the test of time, developing from a hot-headed, fire-spitting rapper to an OG, wiser and methodical in his movements. Coming off the drop of his recent 10 Plugs mixtape, Buck has officially come through with visuals for the project's second track "Boom."

In the Alger Johnson directed clip, Buck moves in isolation, taking to the streets to peddle his tragic tales. "Wish he never put his fingertips on n***as clips," raps Buck, "loose lips seem to always sink a killer's ship." Despite the lamentations, Buck keeps it gully throughout, turning in a solid performance alongside a pristine Mercedes. One can only hope his long awaited album with Dr. Dre and 50 Cent at the helm ultimately comes to see the light of day. At this rate, Buck seems nigh unstoppable.

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