Over the years, the beef between 50 Cent and Young Buck has gotten downright vicious. The trolling, memes, and pause-worthy moments have, at times, had rap fans waiting on the next verbal jab. Things have dissipated in recent months, but in his lengthy interview with VladTV, Young Buck has been revealing behind-the-scenes moments that led up to his downfall with the Power mogul.

Young Buck, G-Unit, VladTV, 50 Cent
Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty Images

In a clip released today (January 5), Buck spoke about reentering the G-Unit fold around 2012 but, unfortunately, it was the catalyst that led to his relationship with Fif turning cold. "From there, 50 started to create a new situation contractually wise," said Buck. "'Cause I was no longer under the contract of my previous years, so I was coming into him basically giving the opportunity of creating a, I think we were supposed to do a group project and one solo project and we released a few EPs amongst that time and from there it was supposed to lead off into a solo project or either a group project. It wasn't a full G-Unit album since that reunion came. It was only a few EPs that were dropped.."

"In the midst of that contract, he, I think signed everybody else to a group album deal, but for me, he put a group album deal and a solo album situation," Buck continued. "So, technically, the two EPs counted as a group album, but I was left and entitled to fulfill an album agreement where he slid that in with getting a solo project out of me. That's what's leading up to where we are today in the business of the problems of what started to incur 'cause from there, it's when everything just started going haywire."

He didn't get into specifics as to how those business dealings caused such a division, but you can check out the clip below and read between the lines for yourself.