Though it's not entirely clear why, Young Chop's A3C performance turned into a brawl with security Thursday night. A clip shows Chop calling out a specific guard during the show, saying "y'all bitch-ass security need to stop it," which inspired the guard to throw punches at Chop, at which point the producers whole crew got involved in the fight.

Chop addressed the incident on Instagram shortly thereafter. "As you can see in the video, people -- the security ran up on me. I didn't run up on the security, I just called him a bitch. You wanna know why I called him a bitch? He disrespected me as a man, and I tend to take that offensive[ly]". According to the producer, the guard was "hating the whole night," though we still don't know exactly what was said.

In a few subsequent videos, Chop is responding to haters who took the clip as Chop being "jumped" by security, making a strong point. "That was all my motherfucking people on stage. So how the fuck did I get jumped?"

Check out the video and Chop's subsequent response below.