What on Earth is happening with Young Chop? The world-famous producer is responsible for some of the craziest beats we've heard in the last decade, including some of Chief Keef's most popular bangers, but he's resorted to acting a fool on social media for some quick attention. The beatmaker has admitted to spending time in a mental hospital in the past, which has some fans believing that he may have relapsed back to his old ways. This report won't sway those critics either.

As noted by the good folks over on Reddit, Young Chop allegedly leaked his own sex tape this week, following up a week of attempted beef with about half the industry. Sharing a video without a caption, users were shocked when they pressed play on Chop's latest upload, which showed him with a braided woman, getting to business behind her. 

This is just the latest antics-filled post pertaining to Young Chop, who has asked for smoke with 21 Savage, French Montana, Meek Mill, Diddy, and countless others. The video has since been deleted, but it's still available on Reddit. Chances are that it will be removed there too soon.

What do you think is happening with Young Chop right now? Do you think he can bounce back from this?