It isn't the women that are only deserving of "groupie" titles, claims Young Dolph. Weeks ago, Dolph once again resurfaced with yet another retirement announcement following the release of his Dum & Dummer 2 joint project with Key Glock. He's made similar statements in the past and this time, he promised that his collaborative Glock effort would be his last. He may have not offered up an explanation this time around, but he did recently share a few thoughts about how rappers are making moves.

"Y’all rappers must be competing with each other on who can be the lamest. sh*t sad," the rapper fired off in a tweet.

Young Dolph, Retirement, Groupies, Twitter
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"Nixxas love callin females groupies, but be the main ones goin from click to click tryna fit in [crying tears laughing emoji]. So who the real hoe? [thinking face emoji]." Unsurprisingly, Dolph's messages ruffled a few feathers, but he didn't mind. He returned to address people who took issue with his opinions.

"Nixxas want validation from these social media apps so bad that it cost em they life [grimacing face emoji]," Dolph added. "ALL YALL NIXXAS CHASIN CLOUT & CHASIN THESE DUCK ASS B*TCHES THATS FUKIN EVERYBODY. SuperLames [crying tears laughing emoji]." Who do you think he's talking about? Check out his posts below.

Young Dolph, Groupies, Rappers
Young Dolph, Groupies, Twitter