Young Dolph made a pretty discerning observation while he smoked his wake-and-bake blunt, which he simultaneously transcribed over Twitter in a post liked by over 21,000 users. In the post, Young Dolph criticizes the hypocrisy of critics and fans alike, who only elaborate positively once a rapper has suffered an untimely death. Dolph used the recent examples of XXXTentacion, Mac Miller, Fredo Santana, and Lil Peep to further his point. 

Dolph made certain it was clear, he wasn't casting any doubt over their relevancy or brilliance, but rather the fickle nature of fame and appreciation. He stated in simpler terms: "they don't love you until you're good and dead." What makes Dolph's observation all the more disheartening is that he's been forced to face his own mortality on countless occasions. In January of this year, Dolph spoke adamantly about the target he feels has been on his back since the age of seventeen, largely within the dominion of his hometown, Memphis, Tennessee.

The topic of fandom is of concern to those who don't chase it, or rather accept it as causality for success or failure, in equal measure. Young Dolph's music videos have become a symbol of unwavering strength for the rapper. He's even taken more of a directorial lead in recent videos, which has seen him take up an involuntary role as a disparate speaker in contemporary hip hop.