Protestors have flocked to D.C. to express their opposition to the presidency of Donald Trump, who's officially our man in charge as of early this afternoon. Last night, a young protestor by the name of Connor started a small fire outside of the National Press Club, where the pro-Trump "Deploraball" was being held. But the real flames didn't happen until long after the fire was extinguished, when he unloaded a refreshing burst of youthful honesty on an unsuspecting Fox News reporter.

"This young man, you were participating in the fire -- what's your name," asked the reporter. "My name's Connor, and I actually kind of started this fire," responded the boy, not letting the reporter downplay his role in the protest. "So why'd you start that fire Carter?" he was then asked, and once again, the audacious youngster took issue with the question. "It's Connor," he replied, looking the newsman dead in the eye whilst shaking his head. 

"Because I felt like it," continued Connor, "and because I'm just, uh, saying, screw our president!"

Kids say the darndest things. May this young activist continue lighting up protests as well as Fox News reporters.