Young M.A isn't content to just be a famous rapper who flaunts their wealth, rather, she's choosing to give back to the community and help those in need, and she already getting started with her charity Mother's Day brunch that she held yesterday.

The brunch, which was captured by The New York Daily News and took place at the 3 Black Cats Cafe in Brooklyn, was an invite only event for families who had lost loved ones to gun violence. Surrounded by mothers day decorations, attendees were treated to fried chicken and waffles, though it's almost certain that there were other options as well.

The brunch was officially hosted by the Kweens Foundation, a charity founded by Young M.A and her mother in order to help those affected by gun violence. M.A lost someone special to her, her brother, in a gang-related incident in 2009, so if anyone can relate to that kind of loss, it's her. In an Instagram post earlier this month, M.A said that this would be the very first event for the foundation, but it probably won't be the last.

Also in attendance at the event were Dr. Nadia Lopez, a celebrated middle school principal in Brooklyn, and 45th District council member, Jumaane D. Williams.

Even though it's just a brunch, having someone reach out to you in order to do something nice after a tragic loss can really mean the world to people. Click the link above to see all the pictures from Young M.A's Mother's Day brunch.