For the last few years now, Young M.A has continued to be a force in the entertainment world. While she mostly began her career as a rapper, Young M.A has ventured into various different territories over the years and she isn't afraid to pursue a multitude of careers. For instance, Young M.A got to direct her own porn, and now, she has gotten into the radio landscape with a new show over at Apple Music. Needless to say, Young M.A is always experimenting to see what works for her.

Unfortunately, the artist found herself in some trouble recently as according to The Shade Room, Young M.A was arrested for reckless driving. This arrest took place on Friday morning at around 3:00 AM where she was also charged with the offense. 

Not much is known about the circumstances of the reckless driving although it appears as though Young M.A is, indeed, safe and sound as she posted a picture of herself on Instagram just about an hour ago. Within the photo, she is holding up her middle finger which could very well be a reference to her predicament from early this morning.

Stay tuned for any updates on this arrest, as we will be sure to bring them to you.