Young M.A has been making quite an impression, with her latest single "Hot Sauce," racking in over two million Youtube views. We sat down with the Brooklyn emcee for a wide-ranging talk, beginning with the origin of "Hot Sauce."  M.A described the track as a "strip club anthem," stemming from her own personal experiences turning up in the clubs. If you haven't seen the video, M.A's statement suggests she may or may not dabble in method acting. 

M.A opened up about her beat selection process, stating "I'm not really specific on beats...I don't need like one type of sound of beats, like I can choose anything and put my swag to it...I don't care who you are, if the beat is dope, I'ma rock with you."

When conversation turned to her upcoming album, M.A teased a bit of a narrative structure:

"The album is gonna be more a story line of things, from the struggles to the good day. The EP is kind of a taste of that...A little taste of what you should be expecting...I just want to prove to people that I definitely can make a body of work...A lot of people so used to me putting out singles, freestyles, stuff like that...Now that I got so much attention, I just want to show people I can do that, I can give you an album, it's gonna be patient, I got you, and it'll probably be the best you ever heard."

M.A also shared the highlight of her life thus far - meeting childhood idol 50 Cent. "I always was a big fan of 50 Cent," says M.A. "He was my favorite rapper as a child...Meeting him now was one of the realest moments of my life."

Young M.A's EP Her Story is set to drop tomorrow, so check back for that.