Lil Wayne protégé Widner "Flow" DeGruy was arrested Friday after he was indicted in the murder of brothers Kendrick “Muddy Cup” Bishop, 22, and Kendred Bishop, 18, in New Orleans on May 25.

The New Orleans Advocate reports that Flow initially made $500,000 bail shortly after he was arrested on murder charges in July, along with a girlfriend, Jamya “Mya” Brady. His alleged accomplice Jonathan “Lil Joe” Evans, 18, was unable to make bail and is also being indicted.

The indictment also named a fourth defendant, Chantell Edwards, as an accessory after the fact for helping Flow hide after fleeing the crime scene. She is currently at large.

Flow memorialized his fallen friend Muddy Cup after the killing on Instagram, a tacit proclamation of innocence. His new bail has been set at $3.5 million.