He wants his fans to turn up to his music, but safely enough to not destroy the floor of a home. Earlier this week, we reported on the unfortunate moment with several graduating students were gathered together at an Airbnb to celebrate the end of their high school careers. In a clip that went viral, viewers can see the crowd close together in a room as they jump and dance to Young Nudy's single "EA" featuring 21 Savage. Then, everything erupts in chaos as the camera goes flying and screams are heard.

"The party got too lit and the floor caved in and people got hurt," a young man named Abraham Nelson wrote on a GoFundMe campaign he launched following the incident.  "We are now looking at $15,000 in damages Please donate if you can anything helps."

Young Nudy, Airbnb
Scott Dudelson / Contributor / Getty Images

Young Nudy was made aware of the party-gone-wrong and spoke with Rolling Stone about the incident. "One of my fans kept sending me that sh*t so I went and clicked on it. And then I seen the sh*t and was like ‘damn they done fell through the floor,'" the rapper said. The outlet asked if Nudy ever thought something like this would happen when he recorded the track. 

"Hell nah. You never know what the future gonna look like when you making the music," he said. "I knew they was gon’ f*ck with it but I ain’t think they were about to god damn fall through the floor." Nudy will reportedly be giving a contribution to the GoFundMe and shared why he decided to help with the repair costs.

"I just wanted to f*ck with em’ since they were f*ckin with me. And they some little high school kids, you know?" He also said that he's never been to a party where things got that intense, and he dropped off advice for fans on how to enjoy his music safely.  "Make sure your house is goddamn-structured right. Before you throw a party with a huge amount of people, make sure that sh*t structured right. We don’t want nobody to hurt themselves. Even though that sh*t was lit, you feel me?

Check out the clips of the incident below.