Young Nudy's Dr. EV4L has arrived in full malevolent glory. Though certainly darker on the thematic scale, with Nudy often preferring to gleefully revel in violence and brutality, his sheer joy in doing so gives the project a strangely uplifting vibe. It's not entirely surprising given Nudy's real-life disposition, prone to laughter and enjoying his wild ride through the rap game.

We recently had the chance to catch up with Young Nudy -- who previously held it down for one of our most entertaining episodes of How To Roll -- when he first dropped off Dr. EV4L. Sitting in the passenger's seat while on the move, clearly reeling from the early success of his acclaimed project (which blasted intermittently in the background during moments of peak excitement), the rapper offered some insight into how things came together, breaking down some of his own evil inspirations, and revealing his pick for the most dangerous horror movie icon -- and no, it's not the villain who shares the album's title.

Check out our conversation with Young Nudy below, and be sure to go stream Dr. EV4L when you're done. 

Young Nudy

Image by John Canon

HNHH:Congrats on the new album, I’ve been keeping it on rotation!

Young Nudy: Yeah for sure, we locked in. As long as you keepin that shit spinnin!

How does it feel to have another one out?

[Laughs] Shit it feels good, you know what I mean? I’m just trying to keep it going, man. I’m trying to make sure everything better than the last, you feel what I’m sayin’? How do you feel about it?

I think it might be one of your best so far. It’s pretty hard to tell based on how early it is, but personally, I like the darker sound. You tapped into something cool, even with the cover and the imagery. I really like that.

I appreciate it, I appreciate it, man. I tried to come a little different, tried to come like when I first started coming in type shit.

Is there something about those darker and spookier beats that encourages something creative in you?

Ah shit, I don’t goddamn know, I just felt like, you know, on my last couple little mixtapes and album, from Nudyland to Anyways, a lot of shit was like-- I mean I would talk about doing a little shit but the beats weren’t evil like that. I wasn’t being that rough with the situation. I wasn’t being harsh with it like that. So then when I came like that on this motherfucker, like I ain’t give a fuck barely about too much of what I said or about whoever fuck wants to be mad or whatever. [Laughs] But yeah, that’s how we coming!

The drive-through worker passes Nudy his fries. Nudy asks for ketchup. 

Image by John Canon

I noticed a lot of horror references on this one. Obviously, you’ve been referencing Chucky for a while now, but you name-dropped a lot of horror movies, villains, and icons. So I’m curious, are you a fan of horror movies? 

I’ve always been a fan of Chuckie, you know that’s my boy. I was like an animated type, I liked the animated shit. But I really started fucking with the horror shit like a year ago. I just started getting into it when I felt like I wanted to come with a different type of music. I wanted to use that shit to my advantage.

Definitely. I heard you referencing Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, and even Jeepers Creepers in there, which was cool.

Yeah man! [Laughs]

I was wondering, out of all those horror killers, who do you think is the most dangerous? You got Chucky, Mike Myers, Jason, Freddie Krueger?

Most dangerous? I can't switch on the home team. I would say Chucky on gang.

He’s got the size disadvantage, but he’s kinda sneaky.

Chuck is more my type. He doesn’t too much show emotion about that shit. Lemme tell you who’s solid dangerous -- you know he evil, man. Michael Myers. Nothin to play with. 

For sure. There’s actually a Halloween movie where Michael Myers actually fights Busta Rhymes, and Busta Rhymes whoops his ass.

I’ve seen that, I’ve seen that. That shit was kinda cool. They need to make Michael Myers vs. Jason. That would be fire.

That would be cool.

You ever seen Freddy Vs. Jason?

Yeah! Freddy vs. Jason, I remember that one.

That shit wasn’t even that scary, it was more funny!

Seriously. I don’t know, I think they did it on purpose -- I think it was supposed to be kinda funny, but I don’t really know. On another note --  about the album cover, did you have any say in how that came together?

My team had sent me some covers because I knew I wanted some evil-looking ass shit! I ain’t want no animated or no bright light type shit. And when they sent me that, I just fell in love with that shit. Then I posted it to see if my fans liked that shit, you feel me? And they loved that shit! Shoutout to the person that made that motherfucker. Did a wonderful job. I love it.

About the title: why Dr. Evil? What was it about Dr. Evil that spoke to you for this album?

I'm evil! That’s what it is, cause I’m evil! [Maniacal laughter]

Are you an Austin Powers fan?

I fuck with Austin Powers, but my Dr. Evil is more like that Dr. Evil mixed with The Joker slash mafia type. So like, all that shit crushed in one and you make the Nudy Dr. Evil.

Before I let you go, I know you’re a big Grand Theft Auto player -- do you think it’s time for a GTA city that’s based off Atlanta at this point? 

Yeah! They should do Atlanta and Chicago together. That would be hard.

Agreed. Thanks for taking the time, and enjoy the rest of your day.

Thanks, man. You enjoy your day man, great interview man, salute!

Young Nudy
Image by John Canon