Back in 2015, the man who shot up Lil Wayne's tour bus was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Just three years into his sentence, his conviction was overturned in July of this year, leaving things up in the air on how the case would go forward. Jimmy Winfrey had fired several shots at Wayne's tour bus and while it has always been said that the intention was not to kill the artist, the case is still being looked at by the district attorney. According to new reports from a local news station, the DA is considering whether or not to charge Young Thug and Birdman for their alleged involvement in the crime, promising to reach a conclusion in the next few weeks.

One theory in the case was that Thug and Birdman had put Winfrey up to the idea of firing shots at the tour bus. When everything had gone down, the shooter said that Birdman should be held responsible for the attack. We all know about Stunna's rocky relationship with Weezy. While the two seem to be on good terms now, their relationship can suddenly implode at any moment as we've grown to understand. Thug claims to be a huge Wayne fan, even reminding everybody of the fact yesterday, but his alleged involvement in the crime says otherwise.

The DA will be deciding whether or not to charge Birdman and Thugger as co-conspirators in the coming weeks. Neither man had previously been charged. As news comes in, we'll keep you updated.