In this day and age, more than half of the collaborative projects that we hear about will never be released. Collaborative work is a given in the hip-hop community. Everybody wants to work with the next big thing. Lil Baby found Gunna. Drake found Future. Jay-Z found Kanye. The next joint project we could be hearing has just been announced in a low-key statement by Juice WRLD, who says he has some work on the way with Young Thug.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

During a GQ profile that was published today, Juice WRLD spoke about all that he's gone through in the last year. With the success of his music and his seemingly overnight success, the Chicago rapper is a true star and he might already be planning his next chart-topping project. After linking up with Future last year, Juice WRLD announced that he and Young Thug are actually working on a joint project together. "It's going to happen," said the artist. "Just whenever we put it out, I don’t know."

That seems to always be the trickiest thing to figure out. The duo has already completed ten songs and they're aiming to get back in the studio to perfect a few more. Until we get an official release date though, we'll be keeping this one in the back of our heads for now. Hopefully, it does drop. These are two artists that have proven to be pretty innovative so we're excited to hear more about this.

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