A picture of Young Thug and Lil Durk working in a studio has given the Internet it's latest flawless dub. The picture you can see blow, depicts both Young Thug and durk squinting their eyes as they stare into a desktop monitor. Young Thug Internet material generally hits a level of notoriety, sometimes because his antics blur on the side of confusion. Durk usually more banal, gets lumped into wacky territory Thugger is known to navigate. Not since he uploaded a foot worship video to his Instagram account, has Durk been the subject of a genuine laugh.

The picture is obviously a sure sign the two rappers are cooking up in the studio, duly noted & understood by the serious expression on their faces. The Internet has made miracles out of less. Durk and Thugger have a longstanding history of collaboration, often resulting in deep mixtape cuts.

Here are some of the better Thugger and Durk meme to have hit the scene since the image went viral, starting with the instant classic "Minesweeper" edition.

A whole slew of viral fun has been lumped together in this thread for your personal enjoyment (or procrastination).

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