Follow the Leader is a new show on CNBC that profiles a different "superstar entrepreneur" each episode. The show's second episode ever aired last night and spotlighted 300 Ent executive Lyor Cohen and his star artist, Young Thug.

At one point, Thugger and Cohen debrief after an interview.

“I understand that you’re shy and you don’t like doing it," Cohen says," but the fact of the matter is your fans actually want to hear it from you. You’re going to keep them guessing, but we’re going to take advantage of the fact that they have huge listenership and we’re going to communicate to them that Slime Season 3 is about to come and then HiTunes is about to come.”

Later, Thug informs Cohen, “This year I want ten No. 1 singles."

“Ten?" Cohen responds. "If you don’t freestyle, and you actually work on the singles and record great choruses and develop your songs… You just record so many songs and leave them like little orphans out there. You have to come back to them."

If you have a cable provider, head here to watch the full episode. If you are a broke boi, check out highlights from the episode below.